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The Mandala Ceiling project highlights 20 mandalas from a variety of tantric practices. These are all part of, The Ocean of Tantras, a collection of  sixty-eight mandalas from a rare Jonang Tradition text called the Gyu De Gyatso (rgyud sde rgya mtsho). These images are from Choje at Dzamthang monastery. Each mandala that is sponsored will be approximately 2 meters wide. You can write a dedication for it that Rinpoche can pray for on Saka Dawa when we consecrate the space. Please write a message when you make the donation. 


Surpassing death, Amitayus shows us a way to the source of his boundless life. Many widely popular practices supporting longevity are linked to Amitayus, and countless beings aspire to rebirth in his Pure Land of Bliss. The beauty and clarity of that immeasurable realm are beyond comparison, and all the precious experiences apprehended by beings there perfectly express the ultimate truth, free from sorrow. In the mandala, a representation of the subtle mind of the Buddha is ringed by eight manifestations.