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The Mandala Ceiling project highlights 20 mandalas from a variety of tantric practices. These are all part of, The Ocean of Tantras, a collection of  sixty-eight mandalas from a rare Jonang Tradition text called the Gyu De Gyatso (rgyud sde rgya mtsho). These images are from Choje at Dzamthang monastery. Each mandala that is sponsored will be approximately 2 meters wide. You can write a dedication for it that Rinpoche can pray for on Saka Dawa when we consecrate the space. Please write a message when you make the donation. 

Tara is known as the mother of liberation, whose great compassion brings swift blessings. She developed bodhicitta as a woman, and vowed to be born as a woman in all her future lives, and vowed to attain Buddhahood as a woman as well. Among the most popular bodhisattvas, Tara is widely revered. Although she has many forms, the Samaya Yogini form is commonly shown to express her role as a goddess embodying the feminine principle in the universe and in each person. Capable of being both ferocious and playful, she is said to delight in an open mind and a receptive heart.