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The Mandala Ceiling project highlights 20 mandalas from a variety of tantric practices. These are all part of, The Ocean of Tantras, a collection of  sixty-eight mandalas from a rare Jonang Tradition text called the Gyu De Gyatso (rgyud sde rgya mtsho). These images are from Choje at Dzamthang monastery. Each mandala that is sponsored will be approximately 2 meters wide. You can write a dedication for it that Rinpoche can pray for on Saka Dawa when we consecrate the space. Please write a message when you make the donation. 

Manjushri Namasamgiti

The Expression of Manjushri’s Absolute Names represents the pinnacle of the Buddha’s teachings. The Buddha taught this tantra to Vajrapani, and it is highly regarded in many different schools. Even beginners can benefit greatly by reciting the text as a praise of Manjushri, and it is often studied and recited by scholars and practitioners. It describes the ground, path, and result in detail, while only briefly alluding to the higher yogas. Teaching primarily through a nonconceptual approach, this tantra explains how the conquerors firmly planted the victorious banner of the Dharma by displaying the attainment of complete, perfect enlightenment for the benefit of beings over and over again in as many worlds as grains of sand on the banks of a great river. Reflecting on this mandala, we can understand that the wisdom and compassion of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas always remains steadfast and never abandons us, because the Tathagata is beyond conception.