Online: Dolpopa Recitation Club

In celebration of Dolpopa’s Paranirvana, Rafa Lobsang Dorje will facilitate an 7-Week online Recitation Club. Join our international community to read together the second part of Dolpopa’s THE MOUNTAIN’S DHARMA, meditate on Dolpopa’s Guruyoga and other prayers.

No admission fee. Donations are welcome.
Language: English.

You can come to all the sessions (recommended) or just drop-in. In order to facilitate the organization we ask you register below or by emailing: [email protected]
You can get a copy to read along from:
Dolpopa’s Guruyoga:

Sundays 30th October – 18th December 2022
Vienna time (CET): 16.30-18.00
New York: 10:30 – 12:00
San Francisco: 07:30 – 9:00

Link for the Zoom Meeting :
Meeting-ID: 835 1888 9744

If you would like to show your appreciation to Dzokden Kalapa for organizing this practice session please support our work by making an offering here.
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Further Information
Dölpopa’s work was newly translated by Rimé Lodrö (Ives Waldo). See Rinpoche’s explanation below:

The recitation’s session are not lessons. If you want to prepare yourself in advance for the Recitation Club, we highly encourage you to read Rinpoche’s book:

In Rinpoche’s YouTube Channel you can find Rinpoche’s teachings on the the Jonang View of emptiness as well:


Dec 18 2022


4:30 PM - 6:00 PM


Dzokden Kalapa Retreat Center
+43 676 395 8898
[email protected]


  • Rafa Lobsang Dorje
    Rafa Lobsang Dorje

    Rafa Lobsang Dorje (Rafael Nassif) started his contact with Buddhism in 2008, after practicing in other systems of spiritual practice in his homeland Brazil. In Europe, India and Tibet he had precious opportunities to receive teachings, transmissions and empowerments from masters from almost all schools of Tibetan Buddhism and from the Theravada Tradition as well, and took part in different group and solitary retreats. He was fortunate to met his precious Guru Jamphel Lodrö (Khentrul Rinpoche) in Austria in 2015, from whom he has been receiving a vast and profound wealth of Dharma, from the foundational subjects until the Kalachakra Vajra Yogas. Since 2016 he has been teaching Lu Jong (Tibetan Healing Yoga). In 2018 he received from Rinpoche authorization and encouragement to teach the Dharma. Recently he reduced his professional activities as a composer in order to serve the altruistic ideals of his Guru as a full-time volunteer. He serves the community a.o. as a translator, editor, and coordinator of translation groups, and as a retreat leader and program coordinator.