Vajrapani Empowerment & Retreat with Khentrul Rinpoche

VAJRAPANI: Tame Your Demons
Tap into the power of all the Buddhas to tame your internal and external obstacles to realization. Vajrapani, the embodiment of the power of all the Buddhas of the ten directions and the three times is a fearless Bodhisattva of the tenth level and the guardian of the Buddhist tantras.

Khentrul Rinpoche will bestow a very special empowerment of Vajrapani known as the Demon Destroyer and the practice that Lama Lutrin used in the retreat in which he cured himself of Leprosy. This empowerment and retreat will help practitioners embrace their fierce power within to tame their obstacles on their path.

“For me Vajrapani is personally special because my root lama, Lama Lobsang Trinley, was considered as the actual Vajrapani. When he practiced it, he could completely heal his leprosy during a long solitary retreat. At the end of his retreat he achieved the same realization of the great Indian mahasiddhas.
My root Lama’s teachings on Vajrapani were incredibly special. As many high Lamas came to our monastery in order to receive the Vajrapani empowerment from him, I could receive it many times. All these Lamas who came had no doubt about his realization. They said that he himself was the actual Vaprapani, as they were witnessing my Lama taming incredibly powerful demons who wish to bring harm to our regions.”

This practice has a very special connection to our institute as the Shambhala King Suchandra, who requested the Buddha the Kalachakra Tantra Teachings and established these teachings in Shambhala, was an emanation of Vajrapani.

Vajrapani Empowerment (Jenang), Oral transmission of the practice, a preliminary teaching, practice sessions and a Q&A session. The practice sessions will be guided by his senior students.

There are no prerequisites at all. It is suitable for all levels of practitioners. Previous Buddhist study and practice are helpful but not mandatory. If you are new to the buddhist path, you may also like to study Khentrul Rinpoche’s “What’s Real?” course from our learning center and to read Rinpoche’s books “Unveiling Your Sacred Truth” — Books 1 and 2. For knowing more about Rinpoche’s root Lama’s biography and his connection with Vajrapani, you can find more information in the book The Realm of Shambhalawhere Rinpoche wrote about the whole Kalachakra lineage he holds.

Tenative Schedule
3rd June Friday afternoon: 2pm or later Arrival of in-person participants
3rd June, Friday Evening – Introductory Public Teaching: Vajrapani, my root Lama & the Shambhala King Suchandra
4th Saturday: Vajrapani Empowerment with Rinpoche
4th – 7th: Vajrapani Practice Retreat with senior students + Q&A with Rinpoche
8th In-person participants leave Kalapa after breakfast
Translations Offered for the Teaching
English with translations available. 

If you are an in-person participant and need live translation, you must provide your own internet connection and bring earphones to listen to the teachings through your mobile or tablet in the gompa. Space for notebooks may not be possible. Unfortunately we can not share our WLAN or WIFI for participants because the translators need it as well.

A note for those attending in-person: if you are a translator who is joining the retreat also in-person, please let us know in advance so that we can reserve a space for you to translate during the teachings. You will need your own data plan with streaming data. Space is limited to circa 4 translators in total. You will not be able to be in the Gompa during the event. We recommend instead that if there are multiple translators for your language, a different person is able to come in person for various retreats.

Except for the last practice sessions on Monday, which will not be transmitted online, all the teachings and the practice retreat on the weekend will be recorded and can be accessed afterwards in our online learning center. We encourage you to take part in as many live sessions as possible, but, if your time zone is not compatible, you can listen to them later. As usual, empowerment and oral transmission must be attended live and are not recorded.

Rinpoche says that we do not necessarily need to practice Vajrapani separately, we just need to build a connection. Then, recollecting him, you can integrate it within your own practice, for example within the Kalachakra Path. You can either practice Vajrapani as your main practice and see it as non-contradictory with the Kalachakra Path, or you can focus on the Kalachakra system without seeing the separation from Vajrapani, as he is even included in the Kalachakra mandala.

Food and Accomodation Options
The food is provided 3x a day and is vegetarian. If you have any medical food allergies that we should be aware of please email to let us know.
On-Site Accomodations
The Residential Retreat fee includes three vegetarian meals and accommodation at the wonderful Kalachakra Kalapa Center on the Austrian mountains. Please inform us in advance about allergies and food intolerances and other important health and mental conditions. We are able to offer different male and female dormitory spaces from 3 to 8 participants in each room. It is also possible to camp in the region around the stupa inside the Retreat Center. As we wish to host as many students as possible and offer everyone the opportunity to meet Rinpoche in-person, for this retreat it is not possible to reserve an individual room inside the retreat center.

For those who wish to enjoy the wooded nature, to camp on site, please bring your own tent. You can reserve a camping spot in the check out. All accomodations include 3 meals a day. Enjoy the on-site yoga room with evening classes offered as scheduled throughout the retreat. 

Please note:
Parking in the area of Kalapa is very limited. If you are staying with us for the whole retreat, we encourage you to drop off then find a space to park at a distance to help day travellers reach the site.
Off-Site Accomodations
If you need an individual room for you, there are many options of sleeping places in the near of the retreat center, in the Garanas region, as well as in the town Bad Schwanberg which offer different levels of accomodation which you can search for and book it yourself. We can help you find a place in case you do not speak German (write to
For those attending in-person, we will also offer optional supplementary practice in the evening guided by Rinpoches’ students who are qualified yoga teachers.

Covid Requirements
The accommodation will be under the Covid-19 regulations of the Austrian Government. We will inform here all the details about the regulations closer to the event. The Suchandra Institute reserves the right to change the dates and to cancel the in-person participation due to Covid issues. You can find the current Austrian government regulations here.
Getting to Kalapa
Kalachakra Kalapa Center
Garanas 41
8541 Bad Schwanberg

Nearest airport is in Graz, Austria.
How to get to us:
By train:
Starting point is Graz main train station (IC and EC station). From there, take the S6 or S61 S-Bahn in the direction of Wies-Eibiswald, about an hour to the Schwanberg station. timetable information

From the Schwanberg train station (bus stop 41-076-Prague Bad Schwanberg train station) to the retreat center, it is possible to take a shared taxi (for more information: Regio Mobil ) directly to the Kalachakra Kalapa Center with bus stop 41-080-Buddhist Center . The taxi must be ordered at least one hour in advance. For journeys on Sundays and public holidays, order by 5 p.m. the day before!

To order: +43 (0)50 16 17 18
for one passenger: €6.00
for two passengers: €10.00 (total)
for three passengers: €15.00 (total)
for four passengers: €20.00 (total)
For multiple orders for the same time sent a taxi for the trip together

By car:
From the Graz-West motorway junction (A2/A9) on the A2 in the direction of Klagenfurt/Italy to the Lieboch exit. Continue on federal road 76 in the direction of Eibiswald. After approx. 30 km you will reach Schwanberg. At the end of the main square in Schwanberg, turn left in the direction of Garanas, after the bridge, turn right in the direction of Garanas and follow the signs “Kalachakra Kalapa Center”, uphill for approx. 8 km, to the center.

Offerings to Rinpoche
Beyond the empowerments, Khentrul Rinpoche has kindly agreed to give teaching sessions and to support the retreat leaders which will guide the practice sessions. If you wish to show your generosity to Rinpoche’s precious teachings and to his immense efforts, you can do it in-person at the end of the retreat or, if you are attending online, offer Dana for Rinpoche on the Dzokden website here.

Book Event

In-Person Only: Program Fee, Shared Room and Board 275 Euros

This includes the full program, a bunk bed in a shared room and 3 meals a day for the duration of the event. If you need additional days to come early or leave later email and we will work with you to arrange the additional days. Each additional day is a fee of 30 Euros.

Available Tickets: 24
The In-Person Only: Program Fee, Shared Room and Board ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.
In-Person Only: Program Fee, Tent Spot and Board 200 Euros

This includes the full program, a place to set up your own tent and 3 a day meals for the duration of the event. If you need additional days to come early or leave later email and we will work with you to arrange the additional days. Each additional day is a fee of 15 Euros.

Available Tickets: 15
The In-Person Only: Program Fee, Tent Spot and Board ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.
In-Person Only: Program Fee + Day Pass 175 Euros

This includes the full program and meals while you are on site. This is for people finding their own accomodations in the area. If you need help email and we may be able to put you in touch with places to stay.

Available Tickets: 40
The In-Person Only: Program Fee + Day Pass ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.


Jun 03 - 07 2022


2:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Kalachakra Kalapa Center
Garanas 41, 8541 Bad Schwanberg, Austria
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