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 We are extremely fortunate enough that we have 20 mandalas provided by Dzamthang Monastery, the seat of the Jonang lineage in Tibet. This will be the first place in the world outside of Tibet to showcase so many of the lineage mandalas. They includes the major highest yoga tantras and 4 variations of the Kalachakra Mandala. Some people may believe they are secret and not appropriate to show the mandalas everywhere anytime. However, at this time and in this era it’s time to educate people and make connections. It says in the Kalachakra tantra, that by seeing the Mandala beings do not need to be reborn in the lower realms again. So just seeing these Mandalas will be an incredible blessing that leads to liberation. Sponsoring one brings benefit to many beings and strengthens your connection with the Deities and the lineage. 

  • Number of Mandalas Sponsored 80% 80%

The Ceiling Plan

We are seeking 20 sponsors to cover the cost of this project. Each mandala will cost us approximately 250 Euro to print at almost 2 meters square and install on the ceiling. Surrounding each mandala will be ornamental gold lotus ornamental trim. They will be installed by volunteers in time for Khentrul Rinpoche’s visit to Europe in May 2022.  

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Mahasamvara Kalachakra




Guyhasamaja Manjuvajra




Manjushri Namasamgiti

Samaya Tara Yogini

vajra yogini


21 Taras






Akshobhya Mandala